Домой ENGLISH Genesis Mining: X11 mining is available

Genesis Mining: X11 mining is available

x11 genesis mining available


After months of development, we are extremely happy to announce that we will be launching the ability to mine with X11 algorithm starting today! We believe in constant innovation and doing everything in our power to provide value to the 70,000+ users we serve daily.

The cloud mining company Genesis Mining has just added X11 algorithm cloud mining plans, something that we’ve been waiting for eagerly to happen. No, there are still no ASICs available for X11 mining, what they are using are GPUs for the mining and you can purchase X11 cloud mining hashrate for $24 USD per MHS for 1 year contract with no maintenance fee! Yes, you heard it right, there are no maintenance fees for the X11 cloud mining hashrate – all you have to do is pay the price per MHS and you get all of the mined coins as profit for the next year. Going for 20 MHS worth of X11 cloud mining hashrate you will have to pay $420 USD ($21 USD per MHS) and if you go for 100 MHS X11 hashrate the price is $1900 USD or as low as $19 USD per MHS. Of course you can purchase any hashrate in between these preset options for contracts with the bigger ones offering a nice discount, but there are more good news available to current and new customers of the service.

genesis mining x11 webinar

Purchasing X11 cloud mining hashrate from Genesis Mining will allow you to mine Dash (the former DarkCoin), Startcoin or to mine the most profitable of these two and automatically convert to Bitcoin (BTC). Furthermore there is a loyalty program giving 5% discount off the regular prices mentioned above on X11 cloud hashrate for everybody that purchased hashpower from the company in the past. Furthermore if you use our special discount code you will also get 3% discount off the regular price for the new X11 cloud mining contracts, so you can get even better deal for the price per MHS – all you have to do is to enter the promo code CryptoMiningBlog5 during checkout for the extra discount. So you can really get a great deal on the prices of the X11 cloud mining hashrate, we are off to purchasing some X11 hashrate and trying things out.

To enable X11 mining, please visit here: www.genesis-mining.com/pricing

Check out the webinar where we answered all your questions related to X11 mining: https://youtu.be/bwCDI4axuKg



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